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Batanes Island Philippines
Photo Gallery

by Estan

I came to Batanes February 2004 for a week's stay.

I was supposed to travel to Cambodia and Vietnam as part of my yearly travel in time for my birthday but the bird flu that struck those countries that time made me change my plans.

And I was not regretting my decision.

Batanes is such a wonderful place.

Full of mystery, captivating , idyllic and simple. Its natural beauty is spellbinding, its people hospitable despite the hostile environement living in what most call the "land of howling winds."

batanes island photos

1. At Uyugan, 2. Fishing, 3. On the boat to Sabtang, 4. Ivana, 5. two boats, 6. abandoned boat, 7. Tatus or coconut crabs, 8. Lone rock, 9. Boy, running, 10. edible ferns, 11. cement benches, 12. lonesome nibble

10 February and I climbed Mt. Iraya together with some men who will be hunting for tatus or popularly known as coconut crabs (7).

These creatures doesn't reside near the sea but inside rocky holes, up in the volcanic mountian.

To catch one, a trap is prepared with coconuts as bait and placed inside the holes. Left and is checked the next day.

This two, tied up with some vines will be sold at the town of Basco which is prized as a delicacy.

Indeed, after being steamed, its abdomen holds a very delectable fatty soup that is sweet and one of a kind.

Just be careful with its sharp and strong claws. In some islands, it climbs coconut trees for its fruits and use the claws to get to the cocomeat inside.

Mt. Iraya
Sabtang Is., Batanes

Photos of Batanes during a trip February 2004.

Flickr Photosharing. Photos and Text by Estan

Batanes Islands Philippine

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Batanes Island