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Articles any Philippine Enquirer or Visitor wants to know all about the Philippine Islands and its People.

The Filipino People

Filipinos - A Simple And Happy People

The Filipinos are considered a simple and happy people.

This is evidenced by the fact that many Filipinos love to celebrate for any reason even with meager resources.

Miss Philippines or the Binibining Pilipinas Pageant

The “Miss Philippines,” or the Binibining Pilipinas, as it is more popularly known, is the most prestigious beauty pageant in the Philippines.

The Maxim Philippine Woman: The Working Filipina

The Maxim Philippine woman of the 21st century is hands-down the Working Filipina. Caught in a realm of emerging career consciousness, family traditions, and societal challenges, the Working Filipina is undoubtedly a paradigm of strength and resilience.

About the True Filipina

What IS a Filipina? Some would give a textbook definition like the one above, something so common, so obvious, so limited.

To fully describe a Filipina, one would need a thorough knowledge and a full experience of the Philippine culture.

What Is a Young Filipina Made Of?

The colonization of the Philippines throughout history has given rise to an interesting mix of cultures derived from Spanish, Chinese, Malay, American, and other influences evident in today's young Filipina.

The myth about the Philippine Mail Order Bride

If you think that you will find the right wife when you look for a Philippine mail order bride, you better stop searching since real brides are not searched via the Internet and definitely not mailed to order.

Filipino Blonde and Blue Eyes

Patricia Evangelista, a 19-year- old, Mass Communications sophomore of University of the Philippines (UP)-Diliman, did the country proud Friday night by besting 59 other student contestants from 37 countries in the 2004 International Public Speaking competition conducted by the English Speaking Union (ESU) in London.


The Filipino Scientist: Blazing a Trail in World Technology

Perhaps the most popular urban legend ever spread about a Filipino scientist is the one regarding Agapito Flores, an electrician in Tondo, Manila, who reportedly invented the fluorescent light.

He allegedly received a patent for a bulb which he made, sold it to General Electric, and generated millions from the sale. To make the story more colorful, someone added the "factoid" that the discovery was named after him.

The way of the Filipina Heart

The Filipina Heart is one that is caring, that has compassion for the needy and the sick. It is a heart that is not just loving, but generous as well.

Although there are a lot of poor people in the Philippine, there are many people who have the natural capacity to care for the others even at the expense of their own time.

FHM Philippines: Just What the Country Needs

For all the crises the country goes through, it's hard to believe we'd even find FHM Philippines - that's right - FHM, or Friendly Honest Men in the Philippines.

Reports about FHM in the Philippines are few and far between, but many wonderful, inspiring incidents are merely undocumented.

Filipino nurses

Filipino nurses are well known all over the world as dedicated to their profession. This however, is just the number two rate that makes Filipino nurses very in-demand.


Philippine Entertainment, Music and Culture

Philippine Basketball Association "A League of Their Own"

“Pare, tara, basket tayo!” (C’mon man, let’s play ball!) – typical filipino dreaming to join the Philippine Basketball Association.

Basketball is like air for most Filipinos. They can’t live without it, or they can but there would always be something missing. In every province, in any city, there’s always some league or group of people where able Filipinos play basketball either for leisure or for competition.

Exotic Philippine Beach Weddings

If you are very romantic, stylish and one of a kind, one of the most elegant ways for you to hold your final vows with your beloved sweetheart would be to hold your wedding by the sea -- beach wedding style. There are lots of choices in the Philippine for elegant beach weddings and the possibilities are really endless.

Artistry in the Filipino Tattoo

Tattooing is oftentimes viewed as some sort of taboo but for many Filipino Tattoo artists, this is a form of craft or skill where one can demonstrate the beauty or voodoo that results in a tattoo artist's piercing prowess.

About Friendster Philippines

Friendster Philippines is the most popular online Social Networking in the Philippines. Friendster is a veteran in the social-networking field and today has millions of Filipino members.

Google Philippines

The world's most popular search engine has now been localized with every major language in the world, thus making the Filipino language the default language of Google Philippines. The URL of Google Philippines is:


Listening to Philippine Music - saves your day and makes it fine

Just when you feel you are worn out and tired and nothing seems to soothe your morbid mind, listening to Philippine music saves your day and makes it fine.

From morning 'til night of endless sounds in the air waves - wherever you are, in the bus, walking in the street , having a cup of coffee in a favorite coffee shop - there's no way you can't lift up your spirit.

Manila Sound and its place in Philippine music

The Philippine music scene, at par with any other flourishing music industry in the world, has for its repertoire a diverse array of genres.

Homegrown or borrowed, these genres have themselves spawned a number of sub-varieties, and not surprisingly, considering the sheer number of competent musicians in the country and the huge following they enjoy.

The beauty of Filipino Music

Traditional Filipino Music is generally a confluence of Western styles and our own ethnic music.

In modern times, however, Filipino music is similar to modern music that is heard in any part of the world.

Original musical works by Filipino artists is usually referred to as "Original Pilipino Music" or OPM.

Sumptuous Filipino Recipes

Once you get to any place in the Philippines, the first thing you should ever do is try out the sumptuous Filipino recipes that can easily be found anywhere, whether you are in a five-star hotel, or in the beach, or simply walking by parks and streets where a nearby restaurant is within reach.

Jollibee Philippine

The number one fastfood chain in the Philippine is Jollibee. The official tagline of Jollibee is the Tagalog phrase "Langhap Sarap!", which literally means "delicious aroma".

The uniqueness of Jollibee stems from the fact that it has produced an array of fastfoods catering to the Philippine (Filipino) taste bud.

Sources Philippine Headline News

Filipinos are naturally a Philippine headline news hungry people.

Early in the evening, almost all households are tuned in to the prime time news delivered by either of the country's two giant broadcasting stations - ABS-CBN Channel 2 and GMA Channel 7.


Philippine Language, Education and Schools

Arm Yourself with a Good English-Tagalog Dictionary

One of the problems a person wanting to learn the Filipino language would encounter is finding a dependable English-Tagalog dictionary. You will definitely come across several in major bookstores, but the search can be very frustrating, as any local would admit.

Filipino Dictionary: Tagalog Idioms as Snapshots of Filipino Culture

The words and phrases you will find here are rare expressions you would encounter on a Filipino dictionary. Contrary to the belief that your own language has more expressions than anyone's language, we would say that each language is unique.


Ateneo de Manila: Nest of the Blue Bloods

The Ateneo de Manila University is an institution which takes pride in itself.

Ateneans take pride in its faculty, in its students, in its facilities, in its trees, in its grass, in its doors, in its doorknobs and in the screws which attach its doorknobs to its doors.


Philippine Geography

How to Read the Philippine Island Map

Look closely at the Philippine map and you will perceive a farmer with his hat on, with one hand stretched out to the left side, and his body bended to the right. The farmer seems to be in the traditional position of planting rice.

Taal Volcano: a dark little history of a Philippine volcano

Taal is a town in Batangas, home to the world's smallest volcano, the Taal volcano.  Here, I will tell you a story about my experience with Taal.

The Philippine Population

There most recent Philippine population statistics indicate that there are around 87 million Filipinos to date. Contrary to the belief that a large population in a small country is the cause of problems in the developing world, we state from the outset that this is just some sort of miseducation and ignorance among advocates and proponents of population control.

The greatest asset of the Philippine is its people.

Philippine Islands: Of Floating Pearls and Emeralds

As far as aviators and Google Earth geeks are concerned, the Philippine islands are emeralds and pearls scattered at the western rim of the Pacific, nothing less. And there's not just "a few" of these islands, but thousands! Most of them are covered by lush tropical rainforests, while the rest are either dotted by the glass and concrete of human civilization or by pearly-white sands.





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