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EcoTourism Guide

EcoTourism: Rare & Exotic Fauna

Calauit Island EcoTourism (Palawan)

The game preserve and wildlife sanctuary on Calauit Island is straight out of Africa. To add to an array of endangered endemic Philippine animals are 108 African animals transported here. It is also home to the man-eating Philippine crocodile and the endangered “dugong”, or sea cow.

Tarsier EcoTourism (Bohol)

Bohol is home to the Tarsier, midget monkey of the Philippines and the smallest monkey in the world.

Albay Park & Wildlife EcoTourism (Bicol)

Situated near the foot of the Mayon Volcano, Albay Park and Wildlife boasts of of 347 animals belonging to 75 species.

Crocodile EcoTourism Park (Davao)

Crocodile Park in Ma-a is the habitat of crocodiles as well as various breeds of birds, from the Philippine sea eagle to kakatoe and Indonesian parrots


EcoTourism: Marine Life

Tubbataha Reef National Park (Palawan)

The Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park teems with 300 coral species, 46 coral genera, 7 seagrass species, 71 algae species; large marine life, dolphins, marine turtles; and seabirds.

The Tubbataha Reef is the First Natural Site in the Philippines to be inscribed in the prestigious World Heritage List.

Pamilacan Island EcoTourism (Bohol)

Pamilacan Island in Baclayon is considered a critical marine mammal habitat in the Philippines.

Whale Shark EcoTourism Site (Sorsogon)

Donsol, Sorsogon is home to huge, gentle whale sharks which the locals call the “butanding”.

In late 1997, the world discovered the huge schools of whale sharks that had been visiting the mouth of Donsol River for generations, oblivious to the small coastal community.

Organized whale shark expeditions has transformed this sleepy, remote fishing village into a major eco-tourist destination.

Seacow EcoTourism site (Palawan)

Palawan is home to the “dugong” or sea cow, the only herbivorous mammal today.

Turtle Islands EcoTourism (Palawan)

The Turtle Islands are South East Asia's only remaining major green turtle rookery and a vital nesting ground for the hawksbill turtle.

EcoTourism: Avian Sanctuaries

Olongo Island EcoTourism (Cebu)

Olango Island, “The Bird Island of Central Philippines,” is a critical stopover of up to 50,000 migrating water birds flying the East Asian migratory flyway yearly.

Philippine Eagle & Nature Research Center (Davao)

The Philippine Eagle Research and Nature Center is home to the world’s largest eagle, the Philippine Eagle (once known as the monkey-eating eagle), the country’s national bird.

Center for Philippine Raptors (Laguna)

The Center for the Philippine Raptors in Los Baños is a rescue and rehabilitation center for diurnal and nocturnal raptorial birds, and a captive breeding facility for Philippine birds of prey, especially the highly endangered Philippine Eagle.

Pacem Eco-Park EcoTourism (Antipolo)

Pacem Eco-Park along Sumulong Highway, Assumption is a haven of over 80 of the country’s 1,600 species of butterflies and a number of native and foreign birds such as mynahs, owls, eagles, and parrots.

Albay Park & Wildlife (Bicol)

A picnic grove and a park all rolled into one, this place is the best way to commune with nature. Have a satisfying get-together with your family and friends while roaming the park, which houses 347 animals belonging to 75 species. The children can enjoy boat and bike rides, too. The park is situated near the foot of Albay’s famous Mayon Volcano.

EcoTourism: Flora

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center (Quezon City)

An urban escape into the wild.

At the heart of the jungle of the city, the Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife and Pacem Eco-Park in Quezon City offer a refuge to go back to nature’s original settings.

Enjoy the lake, animals in the sanctuary, the refreshing sights of butterflies, orchids, flowering plants in a forest dwelling they love the most.

Perfect not only for picnic and relaxation but also for botanical and zoological workshops offered by expert enthusiasts. The ideal place to get lost in the city.

Pacem Eco-Park EcoTourism (Antipolo)

More than just a haven for butterflies, Pacem Eco-Park houses various lumber trees, fruit trees, orchids, and flowering plants.

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