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Philippine Business Guide


The Philippine Stock Exchange

The Philippines has a single stock exchange and this is the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Although the Philippine Stock Exchange is small and young compared to the nearby stock exchanges in Singapore and Hongkong, the exchange has been an avenue for the relatively young stock trading sector of the Philippine.

Jollibee Philippine

The number one fastfood chain in the Philippine is Jollibee. The official tagline of Jollibee is the Tagalog phrase "Langhap Sarap!", which literally means "delicious aroma". The uniqueness of Jollibee stems from the fact that it has produced an array of fastfoods catering to the Philippine (Filipino) taste bud.

Philippine Web hosting

There are several companies in the Philippine that provide scalable and affordable webhosting packages that suit every business or personal need you have. Many of the webhosting companies in the Philippine have Internet backbones and data centers based in other countries, thus providing your site with a backup medium that literally crosses the seas.

Call centers in the Philippines

The most rapidly growing segment of the IT technical support industry in the Philippine is the call center industry. The Philippine is one of the top preferences worldwide for setting up call centers because of the fact that Filipinos speak and understand English and are very adaptable to the linguistic characteristics of the varied target markets that the call centers serve.

Phone Cards for international Calls

Phone cards for international calls and long distance calls – talk for a while and yet save money. There was a time, before phone cards, when long distance and international calls – even to friends and relatives - required a good amount of preparations.

Popular Philippine Phone Cards

The most popular Philippine phone card is the PLDT touch card. PLDT stands for Philippine Long Distance Telephone. PLDT is the largest land-line telephone company in the Philippines. The PLDT touch cards are pre-paid cards that contain a pre-loaded amount that will enable you to make local, long-distance or international calls.

Philippine jobs - Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing or BPO is an emerging industry in the Philippines. This industry was regarded as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The BPO boom is led by demand for offshore call centers. It is estimated that 112,000 people were working in call centers in the Philippines in 2005, bringing in revenues of US$1.12 billion for the year. Overall, Philippine BPO is forecasted to earn US$13 billion for the year 2010

Philippine Real Estate: How to Own a Piece of Paradise

The current Philippine president, Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo herself, has been actively luring Filipinos living abroad to make the Philippines their place of retirement. She believes that Philippine real estate would translate to the best value for dollar when it comes to living off retirement income.

Jobs in the Philippines: Strategic Online Search

Learn how to use Philippine jobs search databases to supplement your traditional way of looking for jobs in the Philippines or for overseas employment. Often times the the best job search is one that utilizes several methods effectively and certainly online Philippine Job search should be one of them.


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