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Philippine Newspapers

Philippine newspapers have been called the freest in the world. There is more than 24 different morning papers to choose from, most of them in English.

There is also a wide selection of magazines printed in English including Time, Newsweek and Asiaweek. In Metro Manila you can buy the Asian Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune and USA Today.

Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper

If there is one word that characterises the Philippine Daily Inquirer, this word is "sensational". Whether this is a good or not-so-good word for you is another matter.

The fact is, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, or the "Inquirer" as it is popularly known, has the knack of coming up with headlines that will make you want to immediately read the entire newspaper. More

Business World

Philippine Business and Finance Magazine. Business World

Philippine Star Newspaper

One of the most popular major newspapers of national circulation in the Philippines is the Philippine Star.  Filipinos usually call this newspaer "The Star" or just "Star". 

This newspaper reports Filipino news both big and small.  One major goal of this paper is to reach outto bring the most recent events to Filipinos both locally and abroad. However, a foreigner who reads the Philippine Star will soon find out that this paper is truly a global one since it features several world headlines in its world news section. More

Manila Bulletin Newspaper

One of the Philippines' leading newspaper is the Manila Bulletin, or the Bulletin for short. This newspaper stands as one of the oldest in the country, running for over a hundred years since 1900.

This paper is widely circulated and is available in virtually every news stand in the country. The Manila Bulletin is reputed to be a high quality newspaper. Due to its wide readership, the paper has been a popular medium for press releases. Its Sunday edition can be over 100 pages, containing a high volume of different types of advertisements ranging from sales ads to job posts. More...

Manila Times

Welcome to, an Internet Edition of The Manila Times, the oldest running newspaper in the Philippines with 106 years in a nation’s rich history. Manila Times Internet and Print Edition is published daily by The Manila Times Publishing Corp.

PinoyToday USA

The biggest American Newspaper in Northern California with an initial circulation of approximately of 40,000 copies. Its readership is estimated at 160,000 persons based on an average number of readers per household of four (4) persons, according to 2000 figures of the US Census Bureau. There are more than one million Filipino Americans in California and over three million from coast to coast.

Manila Standard

This is the online edition of Manila Standard Today, a Philippine Newspaper published daily in the Philippines since February 1987.
The Web site, born in August 2002, extends the newspaper's reach beyond its traditional readers and makes its brand of Philippine news and opinion available to a much wider and geographically diverse international readership. Manila Standard

Asian Journal

The is a website designed and developed for Filipinos living and working in North America and other parts of the world. The website provides the latest Philippine News and a collection of current events and news items about, and for Filipinos in North America and around the world. Asian Journal

Filipino Express

Online Philippine News. For the past 17 years, The Filipino Express has provided the Filipino American community the best news, arts and entertainment coverage from around the United States and the Philippines. Filipino Express

Malaya Online

Malaya means "free" in the Filipino language. Founded in 1981 as a Tagalog newspaper by Jose Burgos Jr., Malaya shifted to English when its sister publication, We Forum, was closed down by the Marcos government in 1983 after it came out with a story exposing the fake medals of former strongman. Malaya Online


Online Philippine News ABS-CBN News


Online Filipino-Chinese News Phil-Chinese


Philippine Times

Online Philippine News providing comprehensive resources including cable and TV networks, radio stations, public broadcasters, NGOs and others, Philippines news is a priority. Philippine Times

Sun Star

Internet home of a network of community newspapers in the Philippines and pools together news and other information from the 12 Sun Star newspapers all over the country.

Philippine Newspapers

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