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Manila Bulletin Newspaper

One of the Philippines' leading newspaper is the Manila Bulletin, or the Bulletin for short. This newspaper stands as one of the oldest in the country, running for over a hundred years since 1900.

This paper is widely circulated and is available in virtually every news stand in the country. The Manila Bulletin is reputed to be a high quality newspaper. Due to its wide readership, the paper has been a popular medium for press releases. Its Sunday edition can be over 100 pages, containing a high volume of different types of advertisements ranging from sales ads to job posts.

If you are the intellectual type of person, you would definitely enjoy the Bulletin. The veteran and well-seasoned writers of the paper are one of the best and most thought-provoking in the country.

One of the more interesting columns in the Manila Bulletin is the column of Dr. Bernardo "Bernie" Villegas, a Harvard Economics Ph.D. graduate who is vice president at the University of Asia and the Pacific. Dr. Villegas is president of InterMedia, an international consultancy firm on corporate management and development.

As an economist, Bernie writes very good articles on his perceptions about the economy. He is famously referred to as the "Prophet of Boom" since his people listen to him when he makes positive forecasts about the economy. Bernie has also the knack of writing about values. Bernie's credibility stems from the fact that he is in the board of many of the largest companies in the Philippines. That is to say, a lot of influential people believe in him and trust in him.

The Bulletin is really lucky to have this brilliant columnist at its roster. Bernie's opinions regarding economic and social issues are discussed at economic circles and breakfast tables around Manila and the entire country. Bernie makes a lot of sense but that does not make him a serious writer who is boring to read. On the contrary, his columns are very lively, and contain many anecdotes about his wide personal experience in the fields of economics, the academe, and politics.

Another interesting niche in the Manila Bulletin is the well-read and sought after sports section. Many have said that the sports columns of the Manila Bulletin gives the best and latest news covering events of the local sports arena, especially basketball.

Basketball is a national pastime in the country and almost every man in this country plays the sport. If in Europe, everyone likes soccer, and if in the US, everone is a baseball fan, in the Philippines, everyone likes basketball. The most popular league in the country is that of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). If you know the NBA, you would realize that the PBA is the NBA's Philippine version.

One of the more admired sports columnists in the Manila Bulletin is Beth Celis. Beth is a sports writer who, at times, provides readers with the latest happenings in the the PBA, including off-court news that a lot of readers follow.

Here in the Philippines, the PBA basketball players are like showbiz actors. That is, people get interested with all sorts of news and scoops about the popular PBA players, not to mention news about their love lives. In the Manila Bulletin, you get these latest scoops but for the serious reader, you're sure to find the best sports news in town and around the world.

One of the highly prized treasures in the Manila bulleting is the Comics section. The comics section features the syndicated cartoons of the world's most popular comic strips. In particular, the Manila Bulletin prints the comic stips of Beetly Bailey, Nancy, Dennis the Menace.

Not only do kids look forward to these comics but adult fathers and mothers as well. Many families would talk about these comics over the dinner table. The comics section also contains the crossword puzzle, which is tne most popular newspaper crossword in the entire Philippine. As a kid, I remembered my parents always answering the crossword puzzles of the Manila Bulletin.

The Manila Bulletin is truly an enriching newspaper. What makes this paper unique is its appeal to a broad category of readers, both young and old. The Manila Bulletin can be accessed online through their website at

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