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Philippine Star Newspaper

One of the most popular major newspapers of national circulation in the Philippines is the Philippine Star.  Filipinos usually call this newspaer "The Star" or just "Star". 

This newspaper reports Filipino news both big and small.  One major goal of this paper is to reach outto bring the most recent events to Filipinos both locally and abroad. However, a foreigner who reads the Philippine Star will soon find out that this paper is truly a global one since it features several world headlines in its world news section.

A colorful history marks this widely read newspaper.  Although this is not the oldest newspaper in the country, this paper has weathered smooth and rough times throughout its history. 

The Philippine Star's online version is marked with the colors and feel of a Philippine fiesta.  A fiesta is simply a colorful celebration of sorts that involves the family, the community, and many times an entire town or province.  The word "fiesta" is Spanish for feast. 

The newspaper's features indeed denote a colorful array of news and articles.  The Arts and Culture section is widely read, featuring the latest events or places, exhibits, or even the latest local books that will captivate any reader who wants to have a taste of a truly enriching cultural experience.

The Leisure section will give you news on the best place to dine in town, cheap places to shop, and news on the best place for the well-deserved family vacation during Summer or Christmas.

But the Star does not stop here!  Even if its online version projects the fun of a fiesta, the Philippine Star gives intersting headline news and the most up-to-date world reports on major happenings all over the world.  For a no-nonsense person that is you, you will find out that reading this newspaper is a truly rewarding experience with its well-seasoned writers who only want to give the best and the truth to its readers.

One of the most popular opinion columns is "By the Way" by Max Soliven, a Harvard trained Ph.D.  Max is a very influential columnist who has written about a previously tyrannical government and, as a result of this, was jailed and oppressed over three decades ago.  Max's articles nowadays are varied and as rich as his experience.  He writes about culture, his trips abroad, about politics, and about values.  This is something that readers admire about Max.  He has the sense of values that are needed in today's very much secular world.

The entertainment section of the Philippine Star is much sought after since it gives the hottest scoopts about local actors and actresses.   The entertainment editor of the Star, Ricky Lo, is popular not just in the papers but on TV.

My personal favorite is the business column of Boo Changco.  Boo is a business writer whose high level jokes combine the wit of a businessman and writer. Many readers look forward to reading Boo Changco's column due to his humorous way of looking at things.  Some readers just wait for his jokes.

On the average, the Philippine Star gets as much as 670,000 page views per day or 20.1 million per month.  The Philippine Stat's publishers say that there are around 150,000 registered users on their newspaper and an estimated 100,000 unique viewer sessions on any given day.

So, whether it's your first time to travel in the Philippines, or have come here several times, or even if you're abroad and simply want to get a good feel of what's news in the Philippines, the Philippine Star lives true to its name, a star that lights you up on Philippine insights.

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