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7K Choices for your Philippine Island Vacation

7,107 Island Vacations

The Philippines has 7,107 islands ready for your island vacation plans. The coastal and beach zones of the Philippines are composed of 11,000 square kilometers of land and 267,000 square kilometers of coastal waters, many of them featuring pristine beaches.

The three major island groupings are Luzon (7 regions, 38 provinces), Visayas (3 regions, 16 provinces), and Mindanao (6 regions, 25 provinces).

Luzon, with a total land area of 104,688 square kilometers is the world's 17th largest island (excluding continental masses of lands). Listed as the 19th largest island is Mindanao, with a land area of 94,631 square kilometers.

Philippine Islands: Of Floating Pearls and Emeralds

As far as aviators and Google Earth geeks are concerned, the Philippine islands are emeralds and pearls scattered at the western rim of the Pacific, nothing less. And there's not just "a few" of these islands, but thousands! Most of them are covered by lush tropical rainforests, while the rest are either dotted by the glass and concrete of human civilization or by pearly-white sands. more...

Boracay Philippine Island Vacation

Widely known as one of the finest swimming destinations in the world, Boracay Island is blessed with unsullied fine talcum powder-sand beaches. Its tranquil crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, scuba diving and sunbathing. Boracay also boasts of sapphire seas and spectacular sunsets. Countless hidden coves dot the island and tall coconut trees line up along the beaches.

Boracay lies at the northwest tip of Panay, in the west Visayas region, off the Sibuyan Sea. The island is made up of little communities: Yapak in the north, Balabag in the middle, and Manocmanoc in the south. Hilly elevations up to 100 meters above sea level characterize Yapak and Manocmanoc. Intertwining trails link the small villages together but many sometimes lead to lush tropical jungles.

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Siargao Philippine Island Vacation

This newly discovered Siargao Island boasts of white-sand beaches and surfing waves compared to that of Hawaii. Lying 800 kilometers southeast of Manila, the tear-shaped Siargao Island is a perfect island vacation haven for the sun, sea, and surf buffs. It lies on the eastern portion of Surigao del Norte and on the southeastern tip of Mindanao. The island is a mass of tropical land with scores of reefs, points and white beaches.

Siargao Island's promise as a surfing mecca in the making was discovered in 1993 by American surf photographer John Callahan who went to investigate the rumors of spectacular waves in a little known Mindanao town. He came back from his trip armed with stories about the lovely sun-drenched island and documented his find with beautiful photographs.

Siargao opened itself to the international surfing community by playing host to the Siargao Surfing Cup in the municipality of General Luna. Siargao's Cloud Nine break is said to be among the best in the world and foreign sportsmen view "the unparalleled surf of Siargao as a magnet for deep sea fishing, sailing, wind-surfing, kayaking, and sunbathing on miles of white sandy beaches that the reef-ringed island and its rich waters afford the visitor.


Samal Philippine Island Vacation

Samal Island Vacation offers unending fascination with its white-sand beaches, thick mangroves, coral reefs, rolling hills and rock formations. It is an archipelago of nine islands located in the Davao Gulf about 700 meters south of Davao City. An ideal model for resort and development, Samal Island provides a fabulous site for sunrise and sunset.

Samal Island, like the rest of Mindanao, is outside of the typhoon belt, and enjoys relatively calm weather. Its coastline is characterized by tall, swaying coconut trees, white sand beaches, rock formations, mangroves, coral reefs, and small fishing villages, all suggestive of a tropical island paradise.

Almost all of the beach areas have white sand, with widths varying from only a few meters to more than 10 meters. It provides ample space for picnic huts, reclining chairs for sun bathing, or for simply relaxing and enjoying the tropical scenery.

The water is crystal clear throughout the coastline, which varies in terrain from gently sloping sand beaches to steep cliffs and rock formations. The colors of the coastline at the beach areas transforms itself from the green lush vegetation of coconut trees, to the white sandy beaches, to the dark blue color of the sea, with its deep waters and coral reefs.

Among Samal Philippine Island Vacation attractions are the Aguinaldo Pearl Farm, the caves of Talikud Island, the White Stone Mountain, and the San Jose Muslim Fishing Village.

Bohol Philippine Island Vacation

Your Philippine Island Vacation in one of the loveliest islands in southern Philippines. Bohol is situated at the heart of Visayas and with coastline skimmed by gentle coves and white-sand beaches. Many highways snake along sparkling beaches or leafy rivers where one can stop at any point and jump in.

With its rolling hills and plateaus, crystal springs and beaches, the province of Bohol is a picturesque province replete with ancestral homes and centuries-old churches. Bohol is composed of numerous isles - Panglao, Pamilacan, Cabilao, Jao, Mahanay and Lapinin, which are excellent dive spots.

The Chocolate Hills is but one of the many natural wonders to be found in Bohol. The province is the home of the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier. The size of a fist, the tarsier lives on the hills of Corella, some ten kilometers from Tagbilaran. Other exotic flora and fauna may also be found amongst the forest of Bohol.

Bohol's various mountainous and water formations also serve as a natural playground for your adventure vacation. One can river cruise, hike and trek up the hills, dive the deep waters, or just stroll down the avenues. Bohol is just waiting to surprise you.

Tagbilaran, Bohol's capital town can be reached by plane or boat from Cebu and Manila. Numerous tourist inns and excellent resorts are found in Tagbilaran and Panglao island.


Palawan Philippine Island Vacation

The exotic beauty of Palawan remains undefiled. Branded as the country's last frontier, Palawan is a sanctuary to an amazing variety of exotic flora and fauna that are found nowhere else. Palawan is also home to Tubbataha Reef, the only national marine park that made it to the World Heritage List and whose grandeur is comparable to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

With more than a thousand islands and islets, Palawan Philippine Island Vacation offers white-sand beaches, scenic rock formations, underwater rivers and magnificent caves. Other well-known attractions include Saint Paul's National Park which boasts of caves that nestle an underground river; El Nido, a world-class resort famous for its awe-inspiring seascape and limestone cliffs; and Calauit island, home of Philippine and African wildlife.

Also in Palawan is the primordial island of Busuanga, a perfect starting point for sorties to other nearby islands. In your Palawan Philippine Island Vacation, each day is promising. The sun rises over the South China Sea and soon everything else sparkles, including the smiles of its people.

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Sombrero Philippine Island Vacation
or Maricaban Island Vacation

Anilao, a resort village in Mabini, Batangas is considered the summer mecca of diving fanatics. The diving scuba resort offers accommodations and diving facilities, plus the services of training clubs that provide courses on diving.

From Anilao, one can start diving from the shore or go in bancas to nearby islands. Among them is Sombrero (Hat) Island, a marine preserve where sports activities are regulated. Other dive spots in this side of Batangas are Mapating Rock at Maricaban Island, Caban Cove and Layag Layag Point.

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Mindoro Philippine Island Vacation

Mindoro's Puerto Galera (which means Galleon Port) is one of the most popular beach resorts in the Philippines. A marine reserve, it is endowed with coves, fine sandy beaches and shallow coral reefs ideal for snorkeling.

The island vacation place can be reached from the port of Batangas City where a ferry service to Mindoro awaits the tourists. Bancas may be hired to go to Escarceo Point, the best dive spot in Puerto Galera. The area offers positive thrills and guaranteed excitement, with its sudden rushes of strong currents and steep slopes which are a favorite gathering place for large pelagic fish. Diving expeditions are usually organized by certified masters on specific dive spots.

Hundred Islands Vacation

Northern Philippines boasts of white-sand beaches in Pangasinan and Ilocandia. Among the best tourist destinations is the Hundred Islands which can be reached from the Pangasinan town of Alaminos, where the lodging accommodations and restaurants are situated.

At Hundred Island Vacation, the visitor may rent an island for one's own private beach for a day. Short boat rides take off from the village of Lucap to the Hundred Islands.

Beach vacation sites stretch along the western coast of Ilocos region. Among the popular beach resorts are Cresta del Mar, Bali Hai, Cabana and the Coconut Grove in La Union province. Ilocos Norte also has fine resorts such as D'Coral Beach Resort and Fort Ilocandia.

Camiguin Philippine Island Vacation

Camiguin Island, known for its lanzones festival, offers white-sand beach vacations, spring resorts and magnificent caves untouched by industrial development. The island lies off the north coast of Mindanao. Aside from its beaches, Camiguin Philippine Island Vacation boasts of springs and waterfalls.

The 62-square kilometer island-province has more volcanoes per square kilometer than any other island on Earth. Most famous of the island's seven volcanoes is Mt. Hibok-Hibok whose last eruption was recorded in 1951.

Among its popular attractions are the Ardent Spring Resort, the Mt. Hibok-Hibok itself, Santo Niño Cold Spring, Medano Islet, Mantigue Island and the lanzones festival. There are local flights to Camuigin island.

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