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Boracay Beach Vacation

The chief reason for a Boracay Beach Vacation is to laze on its excellent white sand beaches. Virtually unknown and isolated until the 70's, the secret got out and Boracay now regularly gets a nod in the vote for the world's top beach destinations.

The demands of tourism have brought electricity, telephones and the internet to this previously undeveloped gem.

Tourism has grown rapidly over the last few years and unfortunately it may not be long before development destroys Boracay's beautiful environment and carefree charm.

In the meantime, Boracay makes an ideal holiday destination for sun-worshippers who just want to hang out and relax.

There's very little to do or see here, but that doesn't seem to bother anybody.

Visitors to this lovely little island are always sorry to leave.

Boracay White Beach

The major draw of the island is White Beach, a beautiful 4-km stretch of gently sloping white sand. The powdery sand and serene, clear blue waters are hard to match anywhere else in the country. The beachfront is semi-screened by coconut trees and windbreaks and lined with casual beach bars and restaurants. White Beach comprises virtually all of the island's action and nightlife but still retains its relaxed beach bum appeal.

Boracay Diniwid Beach

Close to White Beach and separated by a rocky outcrop is Diniwid Beach. It is small, rocky and private and is a quiet retreat from White Beach. A little further around the island takes you to Balinghai Beach and Punta Bunga Beach. Both pleasant beaches are quiet with only a few sunbathers.

Boracay Vacation on Puka Beach

The second longest beach is Puka Beach, famous for its puka shells which allegedly brought the first tourists to the island. It has suffered from intense sand quarrying and shell harvesting and looks a little weathered.

Boracay Vacation on Ilig-Iligan Beach

Close to the shell museum is Ilig-Iligan Beach, a rather isolated stretch that tends to have rather rough waters - unsuitable for weak swimmers or children. The rocky Manoc-Manoc beach at the far end of Boracay involves hopping through boulders to reach the white sands.

Boracay Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is a little shallow for swimming but ideal for windsurfing or parasailing. A reef effectively shields the beach from the sea swell forming a calm, shallow lagoon. Located on the rearside of the island, it experiences reliable on-shore winds in fine weather. Winsurfing equipment and lessons are available.

Boracay Scuba Diving

Although there are around 25 dive shops on Boracay, dive sites here are fair at best and incomparable to other superb Filipino destinations. Courses on Boracay however are quite cheap.

Yapak 1, a wall dive a few minutes from White Beach, is considered the best site.

Bel-At Beach provides the best chance to see larger marine life such as turtles and sharks but strong currents make this suitable only for more experienced divers.

Boracay watersports

Boracay offers a broad range of watersports. The popular banana boat rides and paddleboats are on offer pretty much everywhere with jetskiing and waterskiing easy to find.

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