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Sensational Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper

If there is one word that characterises the Philippine Daily Inquirer, this word is "sensational". Whether this is a good or not-so-good word for you is another matter.

The fact is, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, or the "Inquirer" as it is popularly known, has the knack of coming up with headlines that will make you want to immediately read the entire newspaper.

Do you want sensational news?

Do you want the hottest story about the politician who slept in the middle of an important congressional inquiry?

If your answer to these questions is a definite "Yes", then all you have to do is to take a glimpse of the Inquirer and you will know what it is all about.

One major characteristic of the Philippine Daily Inquirer is that of publishing articles that do not fear anyone. This makes the Inquirer a target of criticism from the government and at times, from private entities.

This daily broadsheet has national circulation and is the most popular and the most highly read newspaper all over the country. Due to its wide circulation and popularity, the Inquirer has always affected public opinion on many matters that its writers and columnists have commented about.

The Inquirer once started a series of articles that ran for months and ended up with a change in the country's president.

Many politicians hate the Inquirer. Thus, many people love it!

The Philippine Daily Inquirer has an impressive line-up of experienced columnists. Many of its columnists have written for decades while others are young but bright writers. It is therefore not surprising at all to have readers of various ages that read the Inquirer.

One popular writer of the Inquirer is Ramon Tulfo or "Mon" as he is fondly called. Mon's column is the entitled "On Target". In many people's opinion, Mon is the most fearless columnist of the Inquirer. This fearlessness is always coupled with a witty sense of humor that captivates readers.

Many times, Mon presents his stories in relation to the latest joke in town. Mon has exposed a lot of controversies involving influential persons in government and in the private sector. Due to the combination of his fearless and humorous way of writing, he was once fired from his job, harrassed and threatened.

All these never deterred Mon from writing for the Inquirer. He once mentioned that if others fight him, he is never worried as he would usually say that "I have the means to fight back".

Another popular feature of the Philippine Daily Inquirer is the Sunday Magazine. The Sunday magazine features artists, people and events, architectural trends, and at times, the latest bar in town where you can listen to soothing live music while sipping on your martini.

Young people would usually never want to miss the articles of one of the Inquirer's youngest and colorful writers, Ms. Patricia Evangelista. Patricia was awarded as the Best Speaker on the 2004 International Public Speaking competition held in the UK. Her column is "Rebel Without a Clue".

One would be amazed at the wealth of ideas this lady has. She writes about many things that young readers could relate to. For example, she sometimes writes about her experience riding a cab, she writes about her room and even about her debates with her college professors from the University of the Philippines.

Another favourite of youngsters (like me) is the "Young Blood" feature. The featured articles that come out on "Young Blood" are contributed by avid readers of the Inquirer. Only the young and the youthul are allowed to submit their articles for publication on Young Blood. Therefore, if you're not young anymore but still youthful, you might want to write for "Young Blood" about your experiences and thus, share them to the rest of the young and youthful readers of the Philippine Daily Inquirer here and abroad.

Reading the Inquirer will provide you a rich learning experience in knowing about facts and happenings in the Philippines. Suffice it to say, if you want to know the latest trends in Philippine public opinion, or just want to browse through the headlines, simply grab the latest copy of the Inquirer on the news stand nearest you.

Hotel lobbies, resorts, and most restaurants, almost always subscribe to the Inquirer. If you want to read one without buying, simply borrow a copy from your hotel's fron desk and for sure, they will gladly lend you a copy.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is accessible online through


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