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Gigantes Festival
Lucban, Quezon - August 19

The Gigantes festival is yearly held on August 19, in the town of Lucban, Quezon, towns’ folk trot out their beloved gigantes or giants.

Measuring about 14 feet tall, the giants come in pairs, the mag-asawa or couple, a giant man dressed in the peasant's camisa chino or undershirt like a Farmer, and his wife clad in the native patadyong and kimona, a loose skirt topped with a flimsy blouse with their children.

Made from papier mache, the giants are borne on shoulders by those who have made a panata (ritual) made in return for a favor received.

This festivity is shared by Lucban with the town of Angono, Rizal, which holds it in November.

The Gigantes festivals celebration is the exciting because lots of fun fiesta in the Quezon town of Lucban. This event involves a procession of giants or papier-mâché gigantes (4 meters in height),

The creation of the gigantes from bamboo framework and papier-mâché is made by the townspeople and financially supported by Lucban's richer residents. It is not an easy feat to handle the gigantes on bamboo frames over the shoulders.

However, with months of practice, the men inside the figures have mastered the skills that allow them to march, dance, curtsy and even bow before the crowd of audience.

The main attraction of fun in the fiesta is an enormous bright red papier-mâché bull called toro or (BULL) rigged with firecrackers. The bull runs around the town plaza throughout the celebration, giving spectators a fright as fireworks are let off. What a festivity!!!!



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