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San Clemente Festival
22 November
Angono, Rizal Province

On the 22nd of November each year, the entire fishing town of Angono Rizal celebrates the San Clemente Festival in honor of their patron of the same name. The people of this town highly revere San Clemente as their protector and supplier of food and business.

In the street procession, the sacred image of San Clemente dressed in papal vestments is carried out of the shrine and borne on the shoulders of male devotees.

Immediately after the image are the parehadoras or children devotees dressed in colorful local costumes, wooden shoes, and carrying boat paddles.

Another feature of the San Clemente Festival are higantes (giant papier mache effigies), and many families dressed up in fishermen's clothes, and carrying their occupational gear. Adding color and gaiety to the San clemente Festival.

The street processions event then culminates in a fluvial procession in Laguna de Bay with the image being carried on top of a barge, amidst revelry that continues until the image is brought back to its sanctuary.

They honor and parade of San Clemente Festival is in thanksgiving for another bountiful year of fishing; for as it is known here in the Philippines because of wide Christianity in the whole archipelago.

San Clemente is also the patron saint of all fishermen. Introduced to the natives by the Spanish Friars, the San Clemente Festival is very popular, and is very much celebrated by the town’s folk.


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