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Planning a Boracay Philippines Vacation

Ask any first-time visitor to the Philippines where he wants to go and he'll invariably answer, "Boracay Philippines." Frequently making it to the list of the world's top beaches, Boracay is an island paradise just an hour's flight away from Manila, the nation's capital.

It boasts of pristine white-sand beaches with sugary sand that doesn't scorch your feet even during midday, making Boracay the perfect venue for international beach volleyball cahmpionships or bikini competitions.

My first trip to Boracay gave me several surprises. First of all, when we got to our resort, we were immediately served welcome drinks.

I remember the soothing mango juice, topped with a slice of lemon and a cherry, served to us right when we stepped at the lobby of our resort.

While sipping my juice, I looked around amazed at the the bluish skyline that gave me a feeling of serenity. The waves were calm, and the not-to-mention clear waters gave me the impression that this was one classy pool.

I told myself that I could just sit by the lobby for days and wonder at the beautiful sight and the powder white beach sand. As the breeze swept through my face, I could not help but desire to spend a longer time in this Pacific paradise.

It is also common knowledge that you can't merely spend a couple of nights on Boracay Island, as there's just too many things to do.

Apart from diving and swimming to your heart's content in the crystal-clear waters, you can also comb the beaches on horseback, scour the local market for unique souvenirs and trinkets, and lose yourself in the buoyant nightlife of Boracay Philippines.

This 7-km long island situated north of Aklan province is divided into three distinct communities: Yapak in the northern tip, Balagbag in the middle portion, and Manoc-Manoc.

It would help to get a map of Boracay Philippines beforehand to know which resort would be most ideal for your needs, as one part of the island teems with activity during the day, while another is the "place to see and be seen" at night.

Establishments have started mushrooming all over the coastline, but Boracay has retained its immaculate beauty because of stringent local regulations.

You'd easily find a carinderia (local eatery) side by side with a French restaurant, or menus written in various languages - German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and many others, aside from English which is understood by all the islanders.

The prices of accommodations in Boracay soar during the peak season - the summer months of March through May, as well as during Halloween and Christmas breaks.

Boracay has been the venue of hundreds of dream weddings and honeymoons, and your Philippine vacation won't be complete without a visit to this Asian paradise.

There are daily flights from Manila to Kalibo. From Kalibo, there are coasters and vans that take you over a one and a half hour ride to Caticlan, the gateway to Boracay.

From Caticlan, there are ferry services that take you straight to the island paradise. For the more adventurous, you may want to try out alternative routes to Boracay, either through Mindoro at southern Luzon or Romblon. There are also daily flights from Cebu to Caticlan.

Boracay would have remained a well-kept secret if not for a handful of backpackers who serendipitously chanced upon the island.

Soon, news of its exquisite allure spread by word-of-mouth until the German writer Jens Peters wrote about it Boracay in his book.

When before, there wasn't even electric power on the island, Boracay Philippines now boasts of luxurious hotels, a world-class golf course, broadband sites, and international cuisine that lures tourists from all over the world.


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