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Busuanga Diving Vacation

Busuanga Diving Palawan Diving

Scenic Busuanga Philippine is the largest in the Calamian group of Palawan islands.

What make Busuanga diving special are the game reserve and wildlife sanctuary, and the wrecks around Coron Bay.

Palawan is dubbed as the country's last nature frontier.

Taking an average of day long trips from the town proper, you can savour the sight of twelve wrecks identified in diveable depths.


Busuanga DivingAlthough Busuanga diving can be done anytime, visibility and current are best from October to May.

Busuanga's bonus attractions are Coron's limestone cliffs and tiny isolated beach coves along with freshwater lakes, one of which features hot springs and can be accessed by a short climb over limestone pinnacles from the sea.

A hidden cavern with an underwater entrance to the sea can be explored. Pearl farms are added attractions.

 Busuanga Dive Sites
 Average Depth
 Maximum Depth
Black Island Wreck
Taiei Maru (Concepcion Wreck) Akitsushima
Gunboat at Lusong Island
Olympia Maru
Kogyo Maru
Mamya Maru
Tangat Wreck
East Tangat Wreck
Coron Island-Fishing Boat
Barracuda Lake
Coral Garden
Delian Island-North & South
Framjee Bank
Brown Rocks
Tara Island-West Side
Kyokusan Maru
Dumunpalit Island-Southwest
20 m
16 m
28 m
6 m
19 m
28 m
35 m
25 m
24 m
10 m
4-8 m
20 m
20 m
8 m
15 m
18 m
20 m
30 m
15 m
32 m
26 m
38 m
10 m
25 m
34 m
42 m
34 m
30 m
22 m
12 m
40 m
40 m
25 m
40 m
25 m
30 m
43 m
30 m


Top of Busuanga Diving


Philippine Dept. of Tourism

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