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Donsol Diving Vacations


Donsol is located in the province of Sorsogon in the southwestern part of the Luzon in the Philippines.

Diving and swimming with a whaleshark is the epitome of wildlife encounters- an experience of a lifetime- a nature enthusiast or ecotour fanatic cannot afford to miss!

Such singular experience is offered in the waters off Sorsogon, particularly in the coastal areas of Donsol. Here you can interact with a butanding or even several- some 50 to 60 of them- at any one time.

Such phenomenon cannot be found in other parts of the country even in other parts of the world.

These gentle giants of the sea-considered the largest fish in the world, measuring from 15 ft to as long as 60 ft. in length-have been observed to congregate in the waters off Donsol starting sometime during the months of October and November, and in the peak months of February to May.

The butandings, featuring silvery polka dots all over its huge body, are harmless, gentle, friendly and playful, allowing humans to interact with them, as they swim alongside seacraft.


Bulusan Nature Trek

The Bulusan Mountain Lake Resort and Mt. Bulusan National Park and Volcano are at the core of this activity area, featuring a pristine forest, beautiful mountain lakes in themiddle of the a clean, cool and green environment.
Sorsogon Pacific Adventure

Tourists can enjoy the province's coastal havens and their favorite aquasports. This includes the magnificent white sand beaches of Gubat, Barcelona, Bulusan, sta. Magdalena,Bacon and PrietoDiaz and their incomparably colorful coral forest, capped by the marine adventure of them all.

Kasanggayahan Historico- Cultural Pilgrimage

This is a glimpse of Sorsogon's culture and history through its well preserved colonial old houses, century-old churches, forts, monuments and murallas, and participation in local festivals.

Sorsogon Agi-tour

A tour of Sorsogon's agricultural resources, such as its coconut, rice and abaca plantation, with particular focus on its indigenous pili tree plantation.


Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines have flights going to Legaspi. From Legaspi you can ride a bus or avail for hire cars to Sorsogon.

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