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Dumaguete is located between Panay and Cebu. It is an excellent year-round scuba destination just outside the typhoon belt. The country's top marine institute, Siliman University, is located here.

Dumaguete diving sites are the islands of Apo, Siquijor, Sumilon and several points on the main islands of Negros and Cebu from the base at Coconut Plantation Resort. Larger outrigger bancas are used to reach those islands.

The area is deep and has brisk currents, which contribute to a rich and varid marine environment. The area is blessed with thick coral growth and multicolored marine life which offers great diving possibilities.

Dive Sites in Dumaguete


Used to be the fish sanctuary of Silliman University Marine Biology Department. It is located about 180 meters from the coast of Santander.

Diving in the area is very good especially the western side facing Dumaguete. Corals and marine life like the parrot bump head is very common.

Crystal waters account for excellent visibility. Its marine life gives unlimited memorable dives for pleasure and scientific observations.

Sea Snakes, Turtles, Rays, Barracudas, Groupers, even Whale Sharks lurk within the area.


The last Southern-most town of Cebu province. This dive site in the coastal area is fronting the underwater cemetery to the Japanese divers.

Ideal for video-graphy and still photography because the max depth is only 60ft/20m with very good visibility. Marine life is very colorful and sometimes big tuna can be seen.

For experienced divers who like very strong currents, diving in Tañon Strait (between Cebu and Negros) is challenging. Tañon Straits is famous for dogtooth Tuna, Whales and Dolphin watching.


It is a province with 5 major towns. It is about two hours to the east of Apo Island. It is a sandy slope with coral heads and Blue Ribbon Eels as its main attraction.


Located in front of Dauin. It is presently a fish sanctuary declared by DENR. Silliman University of Dumaguete preserves the area that shoals of jacks and giant parrotfish frequent.

The Island features walls and coral mounds. The gradual terrain from 60 to 120ft/20m to 40m is full of colorful corals and small fish. There are certain areas where the down current is very strong so be aware.

Pelagic life including Jacks, Blacktip/Whitetip sharks are often seen.


This is one of the country's artificial dive sites created from old tyres, which was laid off of the beach in front of Dumaguete City by the marine biologists of Silliman University in 1977.

It is also one of the breeding sites for the endangered Giant Clam.


Travellers can participate in numerous day trips to attractions outside the city.

Twin Lakes, which are crater lakes surrounded by a forest canopy is several hours hike from the town of Sibulan.

In Valencia town the Casaroro Falls, hidden amidst thick forest trees can only be reached by hiking through steep narrow trails.

The town of Tanjay is also known as the “Christmas Village,” because Yuletide decor festoons the town 365 days a year.

Bais has become known for its Whale and Dolphin-watching expeditions.

Apo Island is a fish sanctuary to the South of Dumaguete and is superb for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Dumaguete is reached via a daily flight from Manila.

There are three daily ferry schedules between Cebu and Dumaguete.



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