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Subic Bay Diving Vacation

Subic Bay DivingWrecks Diving
Subic Bay, Olongapo

Subic diving offers a formidable combination of wrecks like the 19th century Spanish gunboat San Quintin, Japanese luxury liner Oryoku Maru, and the ex-USS New York. The average depth for the six wreck sites is 45 ft.

Just a 2 1/2-hour drive north of Manila, Subic offers a picturesque vista of the blue mountain and sea set against a green backdrop of a three-layered virgin forest.

Originally developed as a naval base by Spanish colonizers way back in 1885, Subic Bay became the largest US naval facility in the Far East. In 1991, Subic Bay was transformed into a Freeport economic and tourism zone.


Subic Bay DivingSituated between Alava Pier and the northern end of the runway, the USS New York lies on its port side in 27 meters (85 feet) of water. The marine life on this site consists of barracuda,talakitok, lionfish, lapu lapu, spotted seet lip, lobster, and spotted rays.

The AN LST vessel is situated between Grande Island and the southern tip of the runway, this landing craft lies in 32 meters, sitting upright with its door open. El Capitan is a small freighter situated near the inner channel marker of Ilanin Bay and inside one can expect to encounter the average tropical fish species of the shallows in this area.

The Oryoku Maru was an outbound passenger ship carrying families as well as 1600 American prisoners of war when it was attacked by American aircraft. The marine life on this site is of a more varied tropical assortment due to the shallow depth.

As you swim through cavernous holds the Japanese cargo vessel Seian Maru, you will encounter talakitok, spotted sweet lip, coral trout and other species of marine life found in this area. Sitting upright the Patrol Boat wreck is a great dive with visibility from 7-13 meters (20-40 feet)and plenty of marine life.
The LCU Landing wreck is a great dive for the underwater photographer.

Complemented by a rainforest and a white sand beach, Subic Bay has tourism-support facilities that include a marina, yacht club, hotels, shopping arcades and food shops. It also boasts of an international airport.


Getting There


You can drive all the way from Manila to Subic. Travelling time range from 2 1/2 hour to 4 hours depending on the flow of traffic. A private car transfer from Manila can be arranged.

Subic Bay DivingBY BUS:

There are several daily trips from Manila to Olongapo. Or you could take a shuttle from Manila to Angeles then catch the connecting shuttle to Subic at 1000. Shuttle will drop you at your destination.

Each of the destinations included in the Luzon Dive can be arranged for day trips or longer dive packages depending on the number of dive sites and places you wish to explore.

The best time to dive is from November till June, but good diving can be experienced all year round. The Southwest Monsoon season (June till October) offers some of the best visibility and access to some of the more exciting dive sites.

Top of Subic Bay Diving


Philippine Dept. of Tourism

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