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Moalboal Diving Vacation

Moalboal is a small city on Cebu Island. It is 89km south west of Cebu City.

The name means bubbling brook. It is known for good snorkelling, white sand beach and relaxed atmosphere. This small city offers a whole year round diving vacation and is a short distance to the famous Pescador Island.

Drive to the city's southwest coast to reach Moalboal, then take a ride to Panagsama's white beach which offers excellent opportunities for diving and snorkelling.

The highlight of the diving experience is Pescador Island.

Corals in shallow water are in form, making them excellent for snorkelling and underwater photography. Fish life includes just about everything.

Dive Sites in Moalboal


In front of Love's Beach Resort is the housereef.

It slopes down from one to twenty meters, with different coral blocks, sponges and sea anemones.

The ideal place for training, fun and night dives and macro photography.


This island highlight of this Moalboal can be reached in about fifteen minutes by boat.

Offers spectacular wall diving with big fish schools, sometimes sharks and barracudas.

Beautiful coral gardens with a large variety of coral fishes and very often giant frogfishes.

The special place called CATHEDRAL, exciting vertical tunnel to dive through starting from 15 down to 35 meters. For more experienced divers.

Sunken Island

The best place for early morning dives.

Starting in a depth of about 24 and slopes down to 40 meters.

Great diving with jack and other big fish-schools, big lionfishes and Spanish dancers, sometimes sharks and big tunas.

Sometimes strong current. For more experienced divers.

Tongo Point

It is an excellent spot for deep as well as for shallow dives.

It goes down to 40 meters. On this point we have a great possibility to see turtles.

Also any kind of coral fish, sea anemones and soft as well as hard corals. Sometimes you can see also a whaleshark.


Sampaguita is a drop off, goes down to 40 m.

There are a lot of small caves and overhangs in the wall.

The wall is full of small soft corals, in the caves we are able to see some different groupers.

This dive site is attractive for anybody.


Talisay is a drop-off, goes down to 40m, after that a sandy slop area starts.

In a depth of 20 to 30m you can find a big variety of hard & soft corals, black corals and sponges anywhere.

In the shallow part you can find a lot of small attractive things like nudibranches, shrimpfish, frogfish and so on.

Travel Information

From Cebu City you can reach Moalboal by taxi or bus in approximately 3 hours.


Top of Moalboal Diving


Philippine Dept. of Tourism
Moalboal Foundation
Wikipedia and Wikitravel

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