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Verde Island Philippines Diving

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Located on an Island situated between Batangas and Mindoro, Verde Island is set before a 50-hectare bamboo plantation and is surrounded by a rich natural environment.

Natural indigenous materials were used to construct this Island where ecotourism and the preservation of the natural wealth is a strong goal.

The diving around Verde Island offers a number of great opportunities. The reefs in the area have long been known for their great bio-diversity. Ghostpipefish, frogfish, mantis shrimp and a vast number of mollusks.

Macro photographers will most definitely be amazed with the opportunities that present themselves during each dive.

There are number of coral gardens and drop-offs to enjoy in the area.

One site in particular, Verde Island South, are particularly beautiful coral gardens and walls.

In the shallower areas, just before the drop-offs, you find intense coral gardens crawling with life.

The walls are covered with a variety of both soft and hard coral species. Along these walls, pelagic swoop in from the seaward depth.

Diving costs vary depending on the distances traveled and the number of dives conducted on a particular trip or day. Normally, dives range between $20.00 to $25.00 per person per dive. Twenty-four foot skiffs are used for diving.

Diving Sites in Verde Island

The two most popular dive sites are the DROP-OFF and the SPANISH GALLEON. The Drop-off has excellent visibility, rich marine life, and lots of soft corals.

Dive planning is a must because current is very fierce most of the time.

The Spanish Galleon lies off the shore in 9ft/3m of water, the keel is being the most obvious clue.

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